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Vacuum pumps manufacturer

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ISO 9001-2015


Atlas Copco products

The largest

Vacuum pumps manufacturer

Water and Waste Water

Due to an ever-increasing consumption of water in municipal and industrial areas, providing water for cities, rural areas and industrial districts as well as treatment of waste water has become one of the main economic and environmental concerns in all countries worldwide.

Pars Vacuum Industries, with its competent sales and technical staff and with a broad range of high quality products, provides aeration solutions in this high-demand industry.

Here is a brief list of applications in water and waste water treatment industry where our products are being used:

  • De-aeration of centrifugal liquid pumps with low NPSH
  • Aeration to wash basins
  • Aeration to filters in treatment plants
  • Aeration to rivers and ponds
  • Compressed air solutions for plant and instrument air
  • Total aeration solutions in industrial and municipal water and waste water treatment plants

Products used in water and waste water treatment industries

صنایع واکیوم پارس

PVI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

The liquid ring vacuum pump series PVI are the latest technology of rotary liquid ring mechanism with curved impeller vanes and port plates with valves. They are mainly used to generate vacuum in different industries.


PVPack Roots Blower

PVPack blower package uses Roots type 3-lobe blower at its heart. These packages are used for aeration and conveyance of neutral gases in different industries.

بلوئر اسکرو سری ZS

ZS Screw Blower

ZS Screw blowers are the latest technology in this product range for aeration and neutral gas conveyance which use the advanced screw technology.

فن‌های گریز از مرکز

ZM Centrifugal Blower

ZM multi-stage centrifugal blowers are one of the most robust and proven technologies used for creating over pressure for air or gases. One of the key advantages of this technology is very low maintenance cost which makes it very attractive for use in harsh conditions.

روتس بلوئر

KA Turbo Blower

KA single-stage centrifugal turbo blowers are with integral gear technology is one of the best replacements for conventional Roots blowers for air and gas conveyance in different industries.

کمپرسورهای هوا

GA Screw Compressor

GA Screw compressors are of oil-injected screw technology which utilizes the latest advancements in this field at its heart as the compressor element. This product is mainly used for providing compressed air in literally all industries.