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ISO 9001-2015

Mission and Vision


At Pars Vacuum Industries, our first priority as an organization value is customer satisfaction with respect to products and services we provide. Other values include best quality for our products/services and increasing our personnel/other interested parties’ satisfaction.

Based on the above mentioned values, the organization policies that define our strategy are as follows:

  • Improving the competitiveness of our products while improving our products quality
  • Increasing our customer satisfaction level and adding value to their organization
  • Improving personnel competence throughout our company
  • Improving the position of design and development in our organization by placing emphasis on them
  • Increasing our share in local and global market

Mission Statement

Our mission is to endeavor towards the improvement of our customers’ satisfaction and ultimately the advancement of our country while treating our interested parties with respect and honesty and providing high quality products comparable with the best in the world.


   The vision set forth for Pars Vacuum Industries is enlisted below

  • Keeping the position of the company as the pioneer in the market segments in which it is currently active
  • Emerging as one of the largest providers of all-around solutions in the field of air and process gases with reliance on company’s position in the market and native technical know-how
  • Expanding the company activities in the global market specially in the neighboring countries