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Provide repair and warranty services

The products of Pars Vacuum Industries Company have a 15-month warranty from the time of delivery to the customer or 12 months after commissioning. If customers need to use the warranty service, after checking the validity of the warranty and announcing the opinion of our experts that the device is damaged in the warranty, the repair unit will perform repairs and deliver the product to the customer. If needed, consumer items will be replaced with new items during the warranty period. Depending on the type of damage or the customer’s request, repairs can also be done on their site or the device can be sent to the factory.

If the warranty expires or the repair request is not included in the warranty for any type of product such as screw compressor, comments about the possibility of repairing the device and repair costs after sending the device to the factory and expertise is done by the company’s repair unit. If approved by the customer, repairs will be done as soon as possible.

Pars Vacuum Industries Company has all the necessary facilities and equipment to repair the devices sold in new models as well as old models. Regarding the facilities available in the field of repairs, it is important to note that in addition to repairing all its products, Pars Vacuum is also capable of repairing the products of other companies. This privilege makes it easy for customers to repair all their devices through this company.

Dear customers, by contacting Pars Vacuum Industries Company, you can send your request to provide warranty services or repair the device.