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Field Service

Experienced and specialized experts of Pars Vacuum Industries Company are always ready to provide expert services at the customers’ site. The services provided by our experts make your devices work continuously and with high efficiency. If necessary, construction and assembly personnel will be sent together with the dispatch experts to perform repairs or changes on the products. The following is a list of services that can be provided in the form of expertise at the location of customers:
Training of relevant personnel to strategize the systems and take preventive measures
• Performing mechanical and functional tests (according to customers’ facilities)
• Perform vibration testing on the device with portable vibration gauges
• Specialized troubleshooting of bearings using a stethoscope
• Complete system analysis and troubleshooting and reporting
• Signing maintenance contracts
It should be noted that after each on-site expertise, a comprehensive report is provided to customers.
Maintenance and repair contracts
One of the most basic ways to protect machines and increase their useful life is to use a comprehensive and well-written program for preventive maintenance and repairs. Pars Vacuum Industries Company provides the possibility for dear customers to sign net contracts (maintenance and repairs) on their site to ensure the correct operation of the devices and do all the necessary things to increase their lifespan.
Maintenance and repair contracts for air compressors, vacuum pumps and blowers are set by default for one year, and once every 30 days, our experts visit the customers’ site. It is also possible to conclude a contract with a time period and the number of expert times different from the default mode, the details of which will be specified at the time of concluding the contract.
It should be noted that these contracts do not include the cost of purchasing spare parts and performing repairs, and the costs of these items are calculated separately. Also, if customers need, sending an expert in an emergency and outside the specified times is possible by receiving a separate fee.
Dear customers, by contacting Pars Vacuum Industries Company, you can send your request for on-site expertise or provide maintenance solutions for concluding a contract.