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Pars Vacuum Industries offers consulting services regarding total solutions in vacuum and over pressure application for compressible fluids. These services can be offered either at clients’ sites or at our office or even over the phone.

Below is a list of consulting services offered at Pars Vacuum Industries:

  • Providing consultancy for choosing the best solution for a specific application
  • Proving engineering services and submitting documentation for specialized products to customers to study before order
  • Consultancy regarding replacing old units and obsolete technology with new units and latest technologies
  • Consulting about operation of the working units and giving advice on how to make them run more efficiently
  • Consultancy services to clients on how to validate the operation of the units, providing low cost solutions to perform mechanical running and performance tests on units at site


Please use our contact page in order to request for consulting services. We will contact you shortly in order to arrange for a visit or meeting at site or our office.