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Training to work with devices

One of the best ways to operate and maintain compressor, blower and vacuum pump equipment in a factory or other location is to have full knowledge of all its technical details and maintenance methods, preventive measures to prevent damage to it and how to perform repairs in the event of a breakdown.

Pars Vacuum Industries Company, using its expert team, provides the possibility for customers to hold training courses for the personnel of different units, including operators, net personnel, electrical officials and other relevant officials, all the details related to management, maintenance and repairs. Learn purchased devices.

Training courses can be held at the customer’s place or at the place of Pars Vacuum Industries Company. The number of people present at the training sessions should usually be such that the quality of the training is not compromised. As a result, we suggested holding sessions for a maximum of 10 people per course. Obviously, this number can change with the coordination of dear customers.

Various product chapters are included in these courses, the most important of which are the following:

  • How to install and set up devices
  • How to control various functional parameters to verify performance
  • How to inspect to troubleshoot the system
  • Preventive measures to prevent breakdown
  • Measures required to stop the machine when working in critical situations
  • How to do equipment overhaul
  • How to perform repairs using the original spare parts provided

Dear customers, by contacting Pars Vacuum Industries Company, you can send your request to provide educational services.