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Installation and Commissioning

Services provided by Pars Vacuum Industries

One of the ways to ensure correct operation of purchased units and prevent any damages is by using our installation and commissioning supervisory services. Our expert personnel are
ready for dispatch to client’s site for supervision on installation and commissioning of newly purchased machines.

Even though reading the instruction manuals in detail will lead you to properly install and commission your system, but the lack of time and experience with the specific technology leads our customers to use our services to install and commission their machines based on our standards.

Here is a list of items covered when you acquire our services in this field:

  • Foundation inspection for flatness and controlling the alignment of the foundation level
  • Supervision on correct placement of the unit and fixing it on the foundation
  • Supervision on piping of inlet and outlet in addition to any auxiliary piping
  • Controlling the electrical feed system (switchgear) and making sure all protective elements are in place
  • Commissioning the units with or without connecting to system
  • Checking all functional parameters to ensure correct operation of the unit
  • Providing information about correct operation to the operators
  • Providing details about how prevent damages to the units and troubleshooting before reaching critical operating conditions

Please use our contact page to request for our installation and commissioning services. Our after sale division will reach you as fast as possible for further assistance.