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The fast growth of world population in the current century and a considerable increase in food consumption worldwide has caused a great attention towards the food industry all over the world.

Efficient production, using advanced equipment to increase production and complying with stringent international standards for food processes from washing to packing are the trademarks of this industry. In Iran, we experience a vast growth in the number of food producing factories all of each are in full compliance with international health standards. These facilities require advanced technologies with high quality and reliability.

Pars Vacuum Industries, with highest quality of products, provides suitable solutions to these factories.

Here is a brief list of applications in food industry where our products are being used:

  • Vacuum generation in condensation, evaporation and filtration processes in sugar plants
  • CO2 compression/conveyance and solid layer separation in filters
  • Floatation in washing lines (i.e. tomatoes)
  • Aeration to fish and shrimp breeding ponds
  • Pneumatic conveyance of solid particles
  • Compressed air solutions for plant and instrument air
Products used in Food industry

GA Screw Compressor

GA Screw compressors are of oil-injected screw technology which utilizes the latest advancements in this field at its heart as the compressor element. This product is mainly used for providing compressed air in literally all industries. Using the latest technology of screw element and working with VSD, makes this product the first choice for compressed air solution in every plant worldwide.

KA Turbo Blower

KA single-stage centrifugal turbo blowers are with integral gear technology is one of the best replacements for conventional Roots blowers for air and gas conveyance in different industries. Using the latest technology of impeller design and internal gearbox makes this product a very high efficient unit. Other key advantages of this technology is low maintenance cost (in most cases, it comes down to only changing filters and oil) and long lifetime.

ZS Screw Blower

ZS Screw blowers are the latest technology in this product range for aeration and neutral gas conveyance which use the advanced screw technology. Working with VSD, this model increases efficiency up to 30% compared to conventional Roots blowers.

These blowers which are 100% oil-free, Class-0 Certified, with very low noise emission, simple installation, operation and long lifetime, are one of the best replacements for the normal lobe (Roots) blowers.

PVPack Roots Blower

PVPack blower package uses Roots type 3-lobe blower at its heart. These packages are used for aeration and conveyance of neutral gases in different industries.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Standard Package

The liquid ring vacuum pump standard package series PVI-P uses the PVI series vacuum pumps at its heart and includes all other auxiliary equipment. The main components of the package are: liquid ring vacuum pump, gas/liquid separator to separate the gas/air from service liquid, service liquid cooler, service liquid reservoir, local control panel, related valves and circulation pump.

This type of package is mostly used in applications where closed-loop system for service liquid is required. For applications with higher vacuum needed, oil is used as service liquid and is fully recycled. In other applications, due to incompatibility of entrained gas/vapor, oil or other liquids are used instead of water.

PVI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

The liquid ring vacuum pump series PVI are the latest technology of rotary liquid ring mechanism with curved impeller vanes and port plates with valves. They are mainly used to generate vacuum in different industries.