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PVI Liquid Ring Compressor

PVI Liquid Ring Compressor

The liquid ring compressor series PVI are the latest technology of rotary liquid ring mechanism with curved impeller vanes and port plates with valves. They are mainly used to create over pressure in different industries.




• For creating over pressure and conveyance of wet process gases in oil, gas and petrochemical industries

• Re-carbonation and PH control

• CO2 gas compression and feed in saturation furnaces and separation the solid layer in filters in sugar industry

• Feeding CO2 gas into different processes in chemical industry


• New generation with latest technology of the its type

• Increased efficiency regarding water and power consumption compared to older models

• No need for oil lubrication

• Port plates with valves for double action

• Conveyance of air/gas and liquids simultaneously

• Oil-free outlet gas/liquid

• Very low vibration and noise emission

• Pressure up to 5 bar g (using 2 compressors in series)

• Free air delivery measured based on PNEUROP 6612

• Heavy duty and non-stop operation

• Varity of mechanical seal installments such as double and single seals in component or cartridge design

• No contact between compressor moving and stationary parts thus increasing efficiency and lifetime

Product Code


XXXX: capacity from 40 to 5000 m3/hr

YY – main parts material

00: cast iron for all parts

01: SS 304 impeller with cast iron for other parts

22: SS 316 for all parts

C stands for compressor

For more information, please refer to the product catalogue

Performance range

• Capacity from 40 to 5000 m3/hr

• Pressure up to 2 bar g

• Power consumption from 1.5 to 160 kW

• Inlet/outlet flange sizes from 1 to 8 inches


Design and Operating Mechanism

Design and Construction

The PVI liquid ring compressors are constructed of two main parts: rotor (shaft and impeller) and casing (cylinder and cylinder head), which in spite of their simple mechanisms offer high quality of performance.

The material used in the compressors is of high quality and the parts are manufactured under the ISO and DIN standards with accepted tolerances of 100th of a millimeter. This accuracy leads to minimum internal leakage and maximum compressor efficiency. Compressors’ rotors are dynamically balanced with computerized devices which lead to very low dynamic vibrations.

Operating Mechanism

The vaned impeller rotates around the compressor axis of rotation in an eccentric fashion. The liquid (usually water) is fed into the compressor cylinder and, by centrifugal acceleration, forms a moving cylindrical ring against the casing.
The liquid ring creates seals between impeller vanes and the two sides of the cylinder. The eccentric rotation of the impeller causes cyclic variations of the volume enclosed by the impeller vanes and the ring. Air or gas/vapor is input to the compressor via the inlet port. It is trapped in the compression chambers formed between the vanes and the liquid ring. Due to the reduction in the volume of these compression chambers which is a result of the eccentric rotation of the impeller, air or gas/vapor is compressed and discharged through the outlet port of the compressor.
Cooling of the compressor is done by the liquid (normally water). A fresh supply of liquid can be fed into the compressor continuously or it can be cooled after discharge and fed back into the compressor. The former method is more environment-friendly since there is no waste of liquid (closed-loop).


PVI liquid ring compressors are offered in the following models:

• Overhung on motor shaft

Up to 2 bar g Pressure
40 to 210 m3/hr Capacity
2.2 to 7.5 kW Power

• Overhung on Separate Bearing Housing

Up to 2 bar g Pressure
280 to 380 m3/hr Capacity
7.5 to 18.5 kW Power

• Between bearing design

Up to 2 bar g Pressure
500 to 1600 m3/hr Capacity
18.5  to 90 kW Power

• Between bearing design/ Replaceable with ELMO SIEMENS 2BE Series

Up to 2 bar g Pressure
3000 to 5000 m3/hr Capacity
90 to 160 kW Power


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