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PVPack Roots Blower

PVPack Roots Blower

PVPack blower package uses Roots type 3-lobe blower at its heart. These packages are used for aeration and conveyance of neutral gases in different industries.




• Pneumatic conveying of particles in vacuum or pressure operation

• Wash basin aeration in water and waste water treatment plants

• Aeration to backwash filters in water and waste water industry

• Aeration to air lift furnaces in cement plants

• Aeration to fish/shrimp breeding ponds

• Neutral gas conveyance in different industries


• Blower stage with 3-lobe profile

• No contact of blower internal parts increasing the mechanical efficiency and lifetime of the blower

• Oil-free air or gas at outlet

• Using pulsation reduction system for very low noise emissions

• Designed for heavy duty and non-stop operation

• Simple operation and maintenance

• Bearing oil lubrication via splash disks (no need for oil lubrication systems)

Product Code

The blower packages are produced in 5 sizes from PVPack 1 to PVPack 5.

Performance range

• Capacity from 30 to 10400 m3/hr

• Power consumption from 1.5 to 400 kW

• Pressure up to 1000 mbar g


Design and Operating Mechanism

Two rotors rotate without contacting each other or the cylinder and this fact eliminates the need for any oil lubrication inside the cylinder, hence the oil-free operation of the blower. The rotation of the rotors is synchronized using a pair of synchronizing gears.

Each blower is consisted of the following main parts:

Based on the blower size, they are made of special cast iron or carbon steel and are dynamically balanced at the end of production.

They are helical and made of special heat treated carbon steel.

Rotors are held in place using bearings. Oiling of bearings and gears are done using splash disks in oil chambers.

The conveying chamber is sealed and separated from oil chambers using labyrinth seals.

Cylinder and cylinder heads
They are made of grey cast iron and do not need any cooling system.

Operating Mechanism

Two symmetrical rotors convolute in opposite directions. The medium to be conveyed flows into the housing surrounding the rotors, and is displaced in a positive manner from the inlet to the discharge side via the chambers formed between the rotors and the housing. At the very moment the rotor tip clears the edge of the pre-inlet channel, the volume of the gas displaced is compressed by the backflow of the pressurized gas present in the conveying piping at the discharge socket.
The final pressure automatically adjusts itself to the pressure level in the downstream piping and components. The flow required to convey all types of gases under various operating conditions can be calculated once specific blower data are known. Each rotor revolution results in the displacement and compression of the so-called scoop volume qo (liter/revolution).



The Roots type blower packages series PVPack are produced in 5 sizes:

PVPack 1

Pressure Up to 1000 mbar g
Capacity 30 to 320 m3/hr
Power 1.5 to 11 kW
PVPack 2

Pressure Up to 1000 mbar g
Capacity 320 to 1070 m3/hr
Power 15 to 45 kW
PVPack 3

Pressure Up to 1000 mbar g
Capacity 1070 to 2790 m3/hr
Power 55 to 90 kW
PVPack 4

Pressure Up to 1000 mbar g
Capacity 2790 to 7300 m3/hr
Power 9 to 200 kW
PVPack 5

Pressure Up to 1000 mbar g
Capacity 7300 to 10400 m3/hr
Power 250 to 400 kW

For capacities from 10,400 to 25,000 m3/hr, PVPack old generations are offered which are produced in 2 types:

PVP-DC: blower package with direct coupling for transmission

PVP-VB: blower package with v-belt system for transmission

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