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ZM Centrifugal Blower

ZM Centrifugal Blower

ZM multi-stage centrifugal blowers are one of the most robust and proven technologies used for creating over pressure for air or gases. One of the key advantages of this technology is very low maintenance cost which makes it very attractive for use in harsh conditions.

These blowers which are 100% oil-free, Class-0 Certified, with very low noise emission, simple installation, operation and long lifetime, are one of the best replacements for the normal lobe (Roots) blowers.



• Aeration in water and waste water treatment plants
• Aeration in different industries
• Different applications in steel and mining industries such as froth flotation, iron direct reduction and methane extraction in mines in harsh conditions
• Different applications such as flue gas desulfurization and oxidation in oil, gas and petrochemical industries with ability to provide equipment/inspections and documentation based on project standards and specification


Reliable performers

Proven performance and reliability in many air and gas low-pressure and vacuum applications around the world.

Adapted to your needs

With a number of stages and broad range of accessories and configurations, we can adapt the ZM range to your specific needs.

Avoid oil contamination

Oil-free delivery of air or gas at the outlet is guaranteed.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of the ZM centrifugal blowers and exhausters is quick and easy, saving you time and money.

Product Code

Performance range

• Capacity from 170 to 68,000 m3/hr

•  Power consumption from 4 to 2600 kW

• Pressure from 0.14 to 1.7 bar g



Pars Vacuum Industries General Catalogue

ZM Centrifugal Blower Catalogue

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