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ZS Screw Blower

ZS Screw Blower

ZS Screw blowers are the latest technology in this product range for aeration and neutral gas conveyance which use the advanced screw technology. Working with VSD, this model increases efficiency up to 30% compared to conventional Roots blowers.

These blowers which are 100% oil-free, Class-0 Certified, with very low noise emission, simple installation, operation and long lifetime, are one of the best replacements for the normal lobe (Roots) blowers.




• Pneumatic conveying of particles in vacuum or pressure operation
• Aeration in food industry
• Aeration to backwash filters in water and waste water industry
• Aeration in water and waste water treatment plants
• Neutral gas conveyance in different industries
• Aeration in different industries


Quality certified

ISO 9001 quality certification standard for all our oil-free screw technology. Our built quality increases your production reliability.

Maximize your energy savings

Compared to lobe technology the ZS oil-free screw saves an average of 30% on your energy costs. Further savings can be achieved with VSD technology.

Avoid oil contamination

Avoid the risk of contamination or production downtime with our ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified positive displacement screw blowers.

Easy installation

Minimize your installation time and costs with our complete ZS package design.

Quiet operation

Our ZS (VSD+) packages run at extremely low noise levels compared to open frame lobe blowers.

Intelligent control and monitoring

The advanced control system maximizes the reliability of your blower installation. Monitors overall system performance with service indications, malfunction alarms and safety shutdowns

Product Code

Performance range

• Capacity from 248 to 9100 m3/hr

• Power consumption from 18 to 355 kW

• Pressure up to 1.2 bar g



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